It was the beginning of life when two babies or twins were struggling in the womb of an innocent mother.You know its obvious, when two lives needs to yawn at the same cot,there are more chances of colliding with each other.The same took place there.And the massive dispute arised.There evolved the war,the war of words.
At first the first baby said”Why are you trying to conflict over me,It’s ridiculous.Can’t you develop a bit of patience too.After a very short period,time will bless us with eternal brightness killing all these dark days,we will get to travel the other side of the world and experience the beautiful journey called life.”

And the second replied,”What are you talking about?The other side of the world….,the beautiful journey called life?Are you gone mad.Don’t imagine the heaven living in hell.You idiot.I only know that this darkness is our mate.And we are also the servant of our mate.Do you get it?Our evolution began here and here will be our extinction too.Everything we imagine aren’t worthy.

Immediately the first screamed,”Imagination sometimes take across different inventions,discovery and innovation.So,I believe in it.And about us,I am eagerly waiting for those days when I will get to fulfill my hunger eating foods with hand and mouth,walk with my legs and do extraordinary task to blaze my world.

Suddenly the second one replied furiously,”Don’t cross the limit of imagination,my friend.We are only provided food through our umbilical cord only.What are you saying “from mouth”.And your words on walking with legs,how can you?It’s not possible anymore.Please let me live my this life here or I will miss it too.

Again the first one said”Dear my friend you don’t know the rule of nature,the existence of eternity and the love of our mother.If there will be anyone behind us to support,to think and to love us too,there will be only one truthful,generous and kind sculpture always residing behind us in our shadow,in our life and always in our soul.

The second baby replied,”Who do you say?Mother…Who is see and where is she.I cannot see her,listen her and feel her.Then what is the evidence,I will believe that she exist.I cannot,never.

The first one again suggested,“Mother,she is everywhere.We are surrounded by her,her love.We are here all by her struggle and labour and she will always offer her watery eyes for us.She exists so do we.You will really see,listen and feel her if you have faith in her.And at last the dispute came to an end.

Likewise,we all may be surrounded by God,his love,his support and his care.He may resides in each of us though we cannot see,listen or feel him like we can’t do the same when we are in the womb of our mother.But he might exists as our mother does and it all depends on our faith,our devotion towards him.He does really exist.Only we are remind to recognize him.He is present everywhere,in our heart,our soul,in air,water,the sun,the earth.He is present everywhere.It all depends on our belief,only our belief and faith towards him.
Prajjwal Sharma


22 thoughts on “DOES GOD EXIST OR NOT?

  1. That reminds me to this saying: “When the caterpillar thought the world was over it became a butterfly.” It is a wonderful story, Prjjwal, about never believing that what we know is neither the ultimate truth nor the ultimate end. Great post! 🙂

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  2. You left me a comment on my blog to check your blog out and I have to admit, I did last night. I enjoy learning about Theism and that covers many different religions. I did enjoy reading it, it is a message from your heart and it was written creatively with the thoughts in your mind.

    I was born into a Catholic family and while I consider myself atheist, I do enjoy continuously learning about various religions, currently I am learning about Buddhism and Taoism. Relating Mother to God is an interesting simile but you have predetermined your answer. We already know the existence of Mother as a “Fact” but belief in a God technically is not “fact” but a belief. I’m use to getting into deep conversations about belief so I apologize if I am responding so deeply.

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