I am alone
Alone,very alone.

In the journey,
The journey of life.
I am alone,
Very alone.

Alone,not quite
I have a known,
A known one.

Always with me,
In my every sight.
I have a known
A known one.

Who Supports in my every try;
Bless me in every joy;
Shares the pain I get,
I get in my failures;

Blaze the hope to achieve more,much more,
than I had ever admired;

Alone,not quite,
I have a known,

A known one.
Very much known.
Its me,myself,
My inner soul,
An eternal one.

I am not alone…

                                -Prajjwal Sharma



It was the beginning of life when two babies or twins were struggling in the womb of an innocent mother.You know its obvious, when two lives needs to yawn at the same cot,there are more chances of colliding with each other.The same took place there.And the massive dispute arised.There evolved the war,the war of words.
At first the first baby said”Why are you trying to conflict over me,It’s ridiculous.Can’t you develop a bit of patience too.After a very short period,time will bless us with eternal brightness killing all these dark days,we will get to travel the other side of the world and experience the beautiful journey called life.”

And the second replied,”What are you talking about?The other side of the world….,the beautiful journey called life?Are you gone mad.Don’t imagine the heaven living in hell.You idiot.I only know that this darkness is our mate.And we are also the servant of our mate.Do you get it?Our evolution began here and here will be our extinction too.Everything we imagine aren’t worthy.

Immediately the first screamed,”Imagination sometimes take across different inventions,discovery and innovation.So,I believe in it.And about us,I am eagerly waiting for those days when I will get to fulfill my hunger eating foods with hand and mouth,walk with my legs and do extraordinary task to blaze my world.

Suddenly the second one replied furiously,”Don’t cross the limit of imagination,my friend.We are only provided food through our umbilical cord only.What are you saying “from mouth”.And your words on walking with legs,how can you?It’s not possible anymore.Please let me live my this life here or I will miss it too.

Again the first one said”Dear my friend you don’t know the rule of nature,the existence of eternity and the love of our mother.If there will be anyone behind us to support,to think and to love us too,there will be only one truthful,generous and kind sculpture always residing behind us in our shadow,in our life and always in our soul.

The second baby replied,”Who do you say?Mother…Who is see and where is she.I cannot see her,listen her and feel her.Then what is the evidence,I will believe that she exist.I cannot,never.

The first one again suggested,“Mother,she is everywhere.We are surrounded by her,her love.We are here all by her struggle and labour and she will always offer her watery eyes for us.She exists so do we.You will really see,listen and feel her if you have faith in her.And at last the dispute came to an end.

Likewise,we all may be surrounded by God,his love,his support and his care.He may resides in each of us though we cannot see,listen or feel him like we can’t do the same when we are in the womb of our mother.But he might exists as our mother does and it all depends on our faith,our devotion towards him.He does really exist.Only we are remind to recognize him.He is present everywhere,in our heart,our soul,in air,water,the sun,the earth.He is present everywhere.It all depends on our belief,only our belief and faith towards him.
Prajjwal Sharma



Earthquake of 2072/1/12&13
The rule of nature,quite mysterious is leading our life towards very steepy path.Now,I realized why the life is important and how it is.The gloomy afternoon of the thrilling previous saturday was a cruel strategy of nature over my beloved motherland,Nepal.It was the moment of 11:56,that day,a lot of homeworks to do,tiredness of whole week in itself was annoying.Although had maintained to do my works….Suddenly I felt the table to be shaking.Then the curtains and gradually the fan and the whole earth…What to do?…..I screamed… It’s earthquake everyone cried and ran.I also ran as if a mad dog to save my life.I reached to an open field of TRIBHUWAN UNIVERSITY.My feet were shivering too.The houses were dancing smoothly.The trees were moving too. After 1 min it went away.The quake had been been determined to be 7.89 magnitude from 15km deepfrom the epicenter,Gorkha,Barpak. which has caused the loss of thousands of lives,physical monuments and overally the sentiments,emotions and feelings of all the Nepalese people..The first quake wasn’t quite enough for the destructions.More than 100 quakes have already been felt and had continued the cruel misson of Nature.More than 8857 people are dead,more than 21952 are at the mouth of death and thousands and thousands of monuments either they are historical,religious or commercial have been destructed.Nevertheless the quake hasn’t stooped yet.Quake of more than 4 magnitude is felt in every 2 hours and the deadly fear is still resting in the mind and heart of every Nepalese individuals.Some of the famous seismologists had mentioned that it shall continue for 2-3 months too…
The capital city of Nepal,Kathmandu is affected adversely,people are facing a lot of problems.No food,No water,No proper shelter,No humanity,only people are  struggling for their beautiful life.The houses,builings are converted into ashes and the obstacles and difficulties have really resulted a lot.People all over Nepal are staggering in darkness of fear.11 districts are declared as earthquake affected area such as Lamjung,Pokhara,Kathmandu,Gorkha,Kavre,Sindhupalchowk,etc.Those two days were very miserable.I just can’t imagine those two nights with continuous fear outside in an open field under the world of sky.Anyhow they had gone but how I can’t,just may be by counting the stars.Anyhow the earthquake became a nightmare and indespensible memory of history..

Let’s hope and pray for my motherland.The earthquake
may rest in peace and the departed soul may rest in the heaven and the country may uplift soon…And not only the bad impacts it has,it had also woken the government of Nepal and made them conscious about their duties regarding the safety of people and had awared them for the prevention of future calamities.

And I will like to promote all the Nepalese people to be calm and peaceful.If we will unite and have faith on each other,we can overcome any difficult problems.Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE.
The efforts of international organizations,different countries along with local agencies are quite commendable.Hope they will be success full.And the tears of my motherland may be wiped soon and hope to see her charming,smiley and peaceful face again.Hope for the new life to begin again.May the country recover soon and again establish a well known reputation in the world.Let’s wake up Nepal…..
As every night shows a beautiful,charming and hopeful morning.Likewise the end of the worldy calamity may change Nepal and lead it towards a beautiful race and journey of existence and development.Let’s rebuilt Nepal from the emotional ashes…..
Inorder to help and support Nepal and we Nepalese,You can visit…
The small help of yours may save the life of an individual.In my view,the world is a family and the people of the world are it’s members.So it’s the responsiblity of every member of a family to love and support other members…
We are in need….
So,Please help us….
  -Prajjwal Sharma
                                        -2072/1/14 (-2015/4/27)
Some emotional glimpses of the Nepal’s Earthquake are as follows of 2071/1/12 and 1/13:










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When the sun goes……
My heart trembles with fear
Perhaps it’s the time of my death
I scream loudly
Oh! God….
Oh! God………

The dreadful darkness slowly rules over me
My heart begins to crack…
Ouch…ch….h ! What a shout?… I make
Suddenly I fall down into the stream of fire.
Splash….lash….sh….h ??
Then everywhere there is silence…ce

Everything had gone
The tragedy begins…..:( 😦
The stream had swept everthing far away…
Far away from this magestic world
Breaking my beautiful heart
Burning my powerful mind
Cursing all my courage and desires
Putting out the energetic lights of my dreams
Destroying all those tiny small hopes..

The cruel stream had swept everything,
everything from my life
Now,No more existence of mine
Nothing at all….
I have gone a long miles away
Away from this worldly universe
I have gone………
Everything of mine has gone………
Everything has gone…
                                         -Prajjwal Sharma


Bye bye tomorrow!!!

Forget tomorrow
     Let’s begin now
         Lifting hand in hand
              Oppose all the rows
                    Mightier will be the waves
                        Dare to split them
                          With your eternal heart and brain,
                             The golden age will pave
                                  The dream will gaze
                                       The stars will blaze
                                           The sages will praise
                                                 Seeing a tiny seed errupting
                                                     Into a delicious maize
                                                         So,Let’s begin now
                                                              Tomorrow will never raise…
                                                                                  -Prajjwal Sharma



Live the dream full of colours!!!
Can’t be gained with any sack of dollors.

Own the world as if, it’s yours
Dissolve within,the music of labour,full of vast chores.

Accquire as much knowledge as you can
Surely,You will be immortal in the world as a perfect man

Dream is not the one, you get in your sleep
Infact Dream is the sacred desire,which don’t let you to yawn.

Dare to conquer the world,the heavenly universe
With your vision,your words not the mighty swords.

Be the change you want to see in the world.
Definately the world will appericate your courage & bold.

Never give up,either you lose or be shy
Life is the game of uncertainity,one day you must die.

Crawl forward hoping for the best at every shore
One day you will be unlocking the very bright golden door.

Spend the time carefully as the water in the desert.
Everyday in your life, try to be better and better.

Live the dream full of colours!!!
Can’t be gained with any sack of dollors.

                                      -PRAJJWAL SHARMA



   The sun, living spirit of the whole universe. He is regarded as the most prominent source of energy for the life on the Earth.Despite of his scientific belief,he also has it’s unique philosophical belief.According to my philosophy,the sun and the humans must possess the characters which is quite related and mysterious.Let reverse our gear towards our daily life……

The glorious morning when the hopeful,curious, and charming sun rises,believing in himself that he can spread the warmness ,he can scatter huge amount of heat,light and positivity in every disputes corner of the whole universe.He rises with the every strength, power and energy with full spirit for achieving the fruitful success of his existence.

As per his belief and faith in himself,his success can be observed more fluently.The sun is able to live his dream of enlightening the whole world.He is able to grasp all of the fruitful fruits with the help of his eternal commitment,hard work ,labour,belief and conviction.He is able to reach the topmost achievement in the universe.Hence,he is only in the world.

As the life means death,earlier or later.Even after achieving the highest degree of success.The sun sets with full tiredness.Life without death is very irritating.Hence,it goes from the universe darkening the whole universe but also generating the belief and hope to develop himself for next glorious rise.And he will do so.He carrys out his duty perfectly every new dawn.

Likewise,an innocent child has the same desire,hope,curiosity,charm and dream to rule,win and conquer the whole universe.He has the beautiful dream in his mind and magnificent design to achieve everything from the universe.He works accordingly too, quite impressively but he is distracted by the social environment.His mind is changed towards the irregular,uncivilized and legally confined society.Eventually he lacks.He lacks believe in himself.He lacks the feeling that I can do,I can do everything in the universe.He is bounded with fear,he lacks confidence.

As a result his dream and future is uncertain.Desiring only couldn’t lead a man towards success.We are’t able to live our dream.He is staggered in the way of darkness.He cannot do anything.He is very tired too with the great expectations from the whole world.Hence,he dies.No existence remains of him.

But the sun,what a existence he has.He remains always.He is only one in the world because he is able to rule over himself.He had already got victory over himself.Have anyone seen him rising in the evening as he has believe in himself,”I can do every thing in the world. “Nothing is possible without belief.Belief makes one success.It makes a person immortal in the universe like the sun.So, BELIEF AND FAITH LEADS A MAN TO LIVE HIS DREAM
So,Believe In Yourself.


                                                                                                                        -Prajjwal Sharma



The rain had gone
Healing my deep rooted wound
Blooms a bright,pleasant rainbow
In the meadow of my mind.

The piercing mound of hailstones had been ruined
Exiling the sorrows from my vast land
Hurry Up! It’s time to sow the seeds,the seeds of knowledge
In the meadow of my mind.

The swirling ,swifty wind had been broken
Blazing the seeds to grow
Mystify chirping of the cuckoo,
Hoping for the victory of your’s
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The sun had shone warmly
Praising the operose of mine
What the harvest will bring?,
From the meadow of my mind.”

The sweat is dried, dried by the breeze of labour
The harvest brought alot of rippen flavour
Treasure hidden inside my beautiful meadow,
May rest in the heart of the world forever…
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Every dusk desires for the hopeful dawn
Live the dream now,you’ll achieve the same
The bright pleasant rainbow may bloom only once in your meadow
All depends on you whether your harvest will be divine.

                                                      -Prajjwal Sharma

                                                     -2071/12/23 (2015/4/5)Sunday

The computer which has changed his life.


Everything was very mysterious in his life.He was bounded on his own mind and often seemed to be quite depressed.He had an extreme loneliness and used to spend the whole day living within himself.None of any society members were known to his family.He was quite lazy too.He was very slow in studies.He used to be pendulum pass in his exams.Just he spent his whole years on doing nothing.And no days were there on his side.His life was worst than that of Grasshopper too.So,we can imagine what his condition was.But as one of the proverbs says that“every dog’s day comes.” Like wise his day also came.But the people hadn’t admired any expectations from him.And who will do so as well.I was also confused that what can be done by the efforts of only two-three days definately nothing.But the way he woke up from his deep rooted sleep was quite impressive.But everyone were helpless towards him.
After few years when I met him.I was exclaimed with surprize seeing him……………..

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