The sun, living spirit of the whole universe. He is regarded as the most prominent source of energy for the life on the Earth.Despite of his scientific belief,he also has it’s unique philosophical belief.According to my philosophy,the sun and the humans must possess the characters which is quite related and mysterious.Let reverse our gear towards our daily life……

The glorious morning when the hopeful,curious, and charming sun rises,believing in himself that he can spread the warmness ,he can scatter huge amount of heat,light and positivity in every disputes corner of the whole universe.He rises with the every strength, power and energy with full spirit for achieving the fruitful success of his existence.

As per his belief and faith in himself,his success can be observed more fluently.The sun is able to live his dream of enlightening the whole world.He is able to grasp all of the fruitful fruits with the help of his eternal commitment,hard work ,labour,belief and conviction.He is able to reach the topmost achievement in the universe.Hence,he is only in the world.

As the life means death,earlier or later.Even after achieving the highest degree of success.The sun sets with full tiredness.Life without death is very irritating.Hence,it goes from the universe darkening the whole universe but also generating the belief and hope to develop himself for next glorious rise.And he will do so.He carrys out his duty perfectly every new dawn.

Likewise,an innocent child has the same desire,hope,curiosity,charm and dream to rule,win and conquer the whole universe.He has the beautiful dream in his mind and magnificent design to achieve everything from the universe.He works accordingly too, quite impressively but he is distracted by the social environment.His mind is changed towards the irregular,uncivilized and legally confined society.Eventually he lacks.He lacks believe in himself.He lacks the feeling that I can do,I can do everything in the universe.He is bounded with fear,he lacks confidence.

As a result his dream and future is uncertain.Desiring only couldn’t lead a man towards success.We are’t able to live our dream.He is staggered in the way of darkness.He cannot do anything.He is very tired too with the great expectations from the whole world.Hence,he dies.No existence remains of him.

But the sun,what a existence he has.He remains always.He is only one in the world because he is able to rule over himself.He had already got victory over himself.Have anyone seen him rising in the evening as he has believe in himself,”I can do every thing in the world. “Nothing is possible without belief.Belief makes one success.It makes a person immortal in the universe like the sun.So, BELIEF AND FAITH LEADS A MAN TO LIVE HIS DREAM
So,Believe In Yourself.


                                                                                                                        -Prajjwal Sharma


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