The rain had gone
Healing my deep rooted wound
Blooms a bright,pleasant rainbow
In the meadow of my mind.

The piercing mound of hailstones had been ruined
Exiling the sorrows from my vast land
Hurry Up! It’s time to sow the seeds,the seeds of knowledge
In the meadow of my mind.

The swirling ,swifty wind had been broken
Blazing the seeds to grow
Mystify chirping of the cuckoo,
Hoping for the victory of your’s
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The sun had shone warmly
Praising the operose of mine
What the harvest will bring?,
From the meadow of my mind.”

The sweat is dried, dried by the breeze of labour
The harvest brought alot of rippen flavour
Treasure hidden inside my beautiful meadow,
May rest in the heart of the world forever…
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Every dusk desires for the hopeful dawn
Live the dream now,you’ll achieve the same
The bright pleasant rainbow may bloom only once in your meadow
All depends on you whether your harvest will be divine.

                                                      -Prajjwal Sharma

                                                     -2071/12/23 (2015/4/5)Sunday


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